About Me

You need someone who understands writing for the retail customer.

I am that someone. My background includes over 20 years of retail experience, both in-store and corporate level. I’ve worked for family-run and small businesses, specialty, and big box chains.

Customers today have more buying options than ever before. You need to stand out to get the customer’s attention, and you do that by providing what your customer wants. They want to know why they should buy a specific product, and why they should buy it from you and not your competition.

I can help you with that. Whether it’s blog posts, brochures, informational product articles, web copy, or more, I can provide the content your customer is looking for before they hit the “buy” button.

You know your customer is doing their research before purchasing.

You already know that customers need information before they purchase and you want to provide the content they’re looking for. But where do you start? Do your product descriptions need updating? When’s the last time you updated your web copy? Are you posting regularly to your blog? Or, do you still need to get a blog started?

These are just a few areas that may jump out at you when you think about content. But, we all know this list isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Custom content is a must for retailers.

I know how important it is to provide content for your customers. If you want customers to find your content, then you need copy specific to your business. Copying and pasting the manufacturer’s description isn’t good enough, but you already know that. Google doesn’t like it and it won’t help you stand out when a customer is searching for information. You want to be in the top spot of their search, and ultimately gain their business.

Let me help you. I’m a freelance writer who specializes in writing for retailers. I use my skills to provide you with the content customers need when they’re looking to make a purchase. I’m ready to get started when you are.

For a detailed review of my background visit my resume or my profile on LinkedIn at: linkedin.com/in/carissajohnson

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